Look no further for the best instant pot soup recipes! We have a full list of instant pot recipes that will fulfill your soup craving.

I love a good soup. I have waxed poetic about it many times on here. I have even dedicated an entire week on teaching you how to make soup from scratch, how to substitute ingredients, how to freeze soup, and how to make some of my favorite soup recipes. This post includes FAQs on cooking chicken in a pressure cooker. Scroll down for the full list of recipes.

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Making soup in the instant pot

Today is all about making soup in the instant pot. Not only does instant pot soup save you time, most of these recipes are completely hands off. You just mix together some ingredients and walk away. 

Most instant pot soups cook in very little time. Our favorite minestrone soup is ready in less than 30 minutes and there are many more (below) that are just as fast! You can also throw frozen chicken into your soup and it will defrost as it cooks!

There is no longer a need to defrost your chicken before cooking it! Just pull it out at the end and shred it. If you are using frozen chicken for a recipe that calls for fresh chicken, just increase the cook time by 50%.


A biscuit being dunked into pressure cooker chicken pot pie soup.

All of our Instant pot recipes

If you love cooking with your instant pot as much as I do, you may want to browse our full list of instant pot recipes and Ultimate Guide to the Instant Pot.

You can see our instant pot recipes broken down by category here: 

We also have an instant pot recipe sharing group on Facebook and an entire chapter dedicated to instant pot soups in our cookbook.

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How to use the Instant Pot Soup Button

  • You can easily throw together whatever you have on hand along with water or broth and select the instant pot soup function button.
  • The only time this will not work is if your meat is uncooked or your beans are unsoaked (canned beans are fine).
  • You may also want to add additional time when making chili as it will taste better with a little more pressure cook time.

Which Instant Pot should I purchase?

We have three of the Instant Pot Duo line. It has all of the features we like and works great! We recommend the 8 quart for a family of 5 or more (or if you like to make large cuts of meat and entertain often). The 6 quart is great for a smaller family or couple. I don’t recommend purchasing the mini as your primary pressure cooker, but it is great as a second pot for side dishes and desserts!


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Did you try any of these instant pot soup recipes? Let us know in the comments which one you made. You can also tag us in your recipe creations on social media using @aileencooks.