How do I get the smell out of my instant pot?

Is there a yucky smell coming from your instant pot? You’re not alone! This is a common problem. Keep reading to find out how do I get the smell out of my instant pot!

We have been there too many times. We take the lid off of our instant pot after not using it for a few days (or longer) and the smell slaps us right in the face. It’s a combonation of all of the tasty instant pot recipes you have made with your instant pot and now they are all mixed together into one giant gross smell. 

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Where is that smell coming from?

Usually, the smell in your instant pot is coming from your lid. Specifially, the sealing ring. The silicone sucks up all of those fragrances and the combonation can be less than pleasant. 

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How do I get the smell out of my instant pot?

There are a lot of methods out there for getting the smell out of the instant pot lid and sealing ring. I have tried many of them, without much success. I have tried freazing my sealing ring, boiling it in vinegar water, and cooking vinegar in my pot. Unfortunatley, none of them worked for me. 

How we finally got rid of the smell in the instant pot

What finally worked to get the smell out of sealing ring was plain old air and a good cleaning. Here is how to get the smell out of your instant pot:

  1. Seperate the lid, sealing ring, and inner pot. 
  2. Wash them all in the dishwasher and dry well.
  3. Place the inner pot back into the instant pot and place the lid facing up on top of the pot. 
  4. Loosly place the sealing ring over the lid but don’t install it back into the lid.
  5. Store your instant pot this way and let it air out. After a couple of days, the smells will subside.
  6. Plan to store your instant pot with lid and sealing ring up movinng forward to prevent new smells from settling into the lid and silicone ring. 

We have found that the method of storing the instant pot is the biggest problem. Closing the lid after each use traps the smells in there (along with some moisture) and makes it smell much worse then if it had been allowed to dry out fully and air out as well.

Do I need to replace my sealing ring?

You will need to replace your silicone ring from time to time. If it every has any cracks or rips, then it will need to be replaced before use. Also, if the smell will not go away, no matter what you try, then you will need to replace the ring to be free from the smell. Then use my method outlined above to prevent future smells. 

Instant Pot does sell a two-pack of sealing rings that are color coded. Some people find it helpful to assign one color to savory dishes and one color to sweet dishes. Check it out here.

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