Green Kid Crafts Review | Human Body Lab

Thank you to Cratejoy for sending us this sample box so we can write a review on the Green Kid Crafts Human Body Lab box! This post contains affiliate links. If you shop through these links, our website receives a small commission at no additional cost to you.

We really enjoyed last month’s Green Kid Crafts Review of the Desert Science Box and were so happy to get another box in the mail. This one was all about the human body! I did the majority of this project with my oldest child, who is seven.

His sisters (5 and 2) joined in from time to time but it was a little above their attention levels. We started the Green Kid Crafts box during our camping trip, which was a fun surprise. 

The Green Kid magazine.

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The Green Kid Crafts Human Body Lab comes with 4 projects

  • Organs of the Body Poster
  • Study & Test 5 Senses
  • Model of the Respiratory System
  • Articulated Hand

All of the materials for the green kid crafts human body lab on a red and white checkered tablecloth.

The box advises for ages 5+ and I would definitely say that was the case for this month’s Green Kid Crafts box. Although my two-year-old did help with some of the stickers, the concepts were above her head.

Organs of the Body Poster

My son, however, absolutely loved learning about his organs and following the key to putting the organ stickers in the right place. He thought this was so cool and was proud of himself that he was able to do it on his own. 

A boy working on the human body poster from the green kid crafts box.

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5 Senses

We also talked about our 5 senses. This had already been covered in school, so it was a nice refresher for him. Many of the pictures represented multiple senses, so I let him take the reigns and decided which collum they should be in. There was a key, but I didn’t feel it was necessary.

A boy reading the instructions for the human body poster.

We finished the other two projects once we got home from our camping trip (silly me, I forgot the scissors). We started with the respiratory system model when we got home.

A human body poster with organs and labels.

Model of the Respiratory System

This is the project my two girls were most interested in. Putting the nose and mouth on the straw felt silly, so it kept my kids interested. And the concept of breathing in and out through the straws to blow up the bag was such a simple way to explain lung function to kids.

I was able to point out the lungs on the body poster, which helped a lot, too. It was definitely the favorite project!

A mother and son working on the Green Kid Crafts Human Body Lab together.

Articulated Hand

This project was such a cool way to show kids how their hands work. I love that it still felt craft while teaching them something. We traced my 5-year-old’s hand and she cut it out.

Then my son made the bones and tendons with straws and yarn. All three kids enjoyed testing out the hand and seeing how the fingers bent and straightened via the yarn tendons.

All of the completed projects from the Green Kid Crafts Human Body Lab.

We really enjoyed this month’s Green Kid Crafts box. Everyone (including me) walked away knowing more about the human body. I love how it teaches my kids something new while making it fun and hands-on.