Free Nature Scavenger Hunt Printable for Kids

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Get your kids outdoors with this fun nature scavenger hunt printable! Featuring pictures not words, this scavenger hunt is fun for kids of all ages!

A printable scavenger hunt featuring 20 clip art images of plants, animals, and insects.

I put together a similar nature scavenger hunt for my son and shared it in a fun video on Instagram last year. This year, I was researching camping activities for kids and decided I need to share the scavenger hunt printable with all of you here visiting my blog. Make sure you check out our printable bug hunt, too!

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Nature Scavenger Hunt Printable propped up on a tree.

Free Nature Scavenger Hunt Printable

I updated the printable to make it a little more complex. There are 20 different plants, animals, and bugs on this printable. It’s guaranteed to keep your kids busy for a while! It’s perfect to do while camping, on a hike, or in your own backyard (although you might not find everything on your list). 

My son is currently reading this over my shoulder and begging for me to print out the scavenger hunt for him, so we plan on testing it out in our backyard today!

Scavenger hunt printable on ground surrounded by leaves.

Nature scavenger hunt for kids

Simply print out the scavenger hunt printable (click the link below) and send your kids on an adventure with marker or crayon in hand. I recommend printing it out on cardstock. You can also laminate the printable and let them play with a wet erase marker. Then you can wipe it down and use it again and again.

Download Your FREE Nature Scavenger Hunt Printable For Kids

Image of free printable nature scavenger hunt for kids.

How to make a scavenger hunt printable

Want to make your own scavenger hunt printable? I used the free version of Simply use their search bar to find images that match what you want and choose one that says “free”. Then click on the image and drag and drop it to the page. 

My kids loved going on a nature scavenger hunt with this scavenger hunt printable. I hope your kids enjoy it, too!


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