Family Friendly Russian River Camping

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Finding a family-friendly location for Russian River camping is completely possible. This is one of our favorite campings resorts on the Russian River for families.

The Russian River is an ideal camping location in Northern California because it has a natural water supply and is close to creature comforts like restaurants and grocery shopping.

Two girls and a pink inner tube ready to swim in the Russian River.

Our Russian River Camping location is Casini Ranch. My husband’s family has been camping there for many years and now we have the pleasure of bringing our children.

Types of campsites

Casini Ranch offers tent camping sites, RV sites with partial and full hook-ups, RV rentals, and cottage rentals. Over the years, we have tent camped, RV camped and utilized an RV rental. The only thing we have yet to do is rent a cottage.

Rolling hill views from Casini Ranch campground on the Russian River.

Most sites have good shade, especially around the perimeter of the campsite. We prefer to reserve the partial hook-up RV sites now that we have a travel trailer. They do also offer full hook-up sites, but they are in the center of the campground without much shade or privacy.

The general store at casini ranch campground on the russian river in Norhnern California.

When checking their interactive map, try to get a campsite close to one of their playgrounds. We have camped right next to a playground twice now and it has been so nice to let the kids go play whenever they want.

Playground at Casini Ranch Resort at the Russian River.

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Casini Ranch offers lots of amenities (and just added some new ones). They have clean showers and bathrooms, a general store (with hot coffee in the morning), several playgrounds, a “race track” for riding bikes, basketball courts, hayrides, duck pond, and so much more.

Casini Raceway sign at Casini Ranch Resort.

They also regularly host extra events like ice cream socials and karaoke night. My kids had a blast singing karaoke with their cousins during our spring-time family campout.

Toddler girl eating a s'more while camping at Casini Ranch campground.

They also just added a paid option to jump on an inflatable installed into the ground. It is open every afternoon and costs $10 per child for the duration of their camping trip. There is so much to do that paying for this extra is not needed, but can be a lot of fun if you are looking for something fun to occupy your kids.

Russian River Access

Casini ranch has private access to the Russian River. It’s walking distance from all of the campsites. I like that their spot on the river is not too deep and does not have a strong current.

Young girl standing in front of the Russian River in Norther California.

It’s perfect for little kids to wade and older kids can go out into the center with paddle boats. We do have our kids wear life vests – just in case.

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Weather at Casini Ranch

Casini Ranch is located in Duncans Mills, CA. It’s about 10 miles past Guerneville. For some reason, it tends to be 10-15 degrees cooler than Guerneville, making it an ideal camping location in the summer. It gets warm but is not stifling hot. Keep in mind that it does cool down at night, so coats and long pants are needed – even during summer.

Boy in swimsuit at the Russian River.

Duncans Mills also doesn’t get super cold during the winter, so it is possible to camp during that time as well. All thought, you may want to take advantage of an RV or cottage rental vs. tent camping. We took our maiden voyage in our travel trailer last November to Casini Ranch and it was a lot of fun!

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  1. How is the cell service there? We want to go but a fanily member had to be able to still acess her phone for work unfortunately!

    1. Hi Rachel. That’s a really good question! I had to work and be on a zoom meeting during my last trip. I was able to use my cell phone and Casini’s WiFi. I recommend you call and ask them to book you close to one of their WiFi routers. We were luck enough to be right next to one this last time, so I had no problems at all.

  2. Duncans Mills. Also, they have Civil War Days in July ( not sure about this year bcuz, The Rona ) but its actually a lot of fun. Its on a seperate property down the road.

    1. I wonder about that even every time we visit. I heard it was cancelled this year. Also, thanks for catching my typo. I will get it fixed. 🙂