DIY Command Center Wall for Busy Moms

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Do you want to simplify and organize your house? Learn how to make a command center wall to keep everything organized and in one place!

We love getting organized and have also created a fun (and effective) preschooler chore chart, spray painting picture frames, and crockpot freezer meal plan (with printable recipes and a shopping list).

A family command center wall with large calendar, shopping list, meal plan, keyholder, and mail holder.

I’ve been wanting to put together a family command center since we moved to our new house over the summer. While we gained an additional bedroom (and a much larger backyard), we lost a good amount of kitchen counter space.

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What is a kitchen command center?

A kitchen command center is a centralized place to put mail, keys, grocery lists, meal plans, and a family calendar.

Our kitchen has been feeling cluttered thanks to mail, meal plans, shopping lists, school fliers, keys, and everything else dropped throughout the day.

The problem was, that we didn’t have a designated spot for these items. I knew I needed to set up some type of wall organizer.

Learn how to make your own functional parent command center!

With the start of a new year (and the need for a new calendar), I decided it was the perfect time to create a functional family command center and eliminate some of our kitchen counter clutter. The first thing I did was hit Pinterest for inspiration.

There are so many great ideas out there for family command centers. Browsing Pinterest really helped me put together a list of everything I wanted in a command center that would help me manage my family’s schedule and clutter.

I took my main inspiration from At Charlotte’s House and The Caldwell Project.

What do you need in a family command center?

I’ve linked all of these to some inspiration on Amazon

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The Calendar on our Command Center Wall

The center of our parent command center is the calendar. Although I do keep a schedule on my phone, I do not share an eCalendar with my husband. Our wall calendar is where we all get on the same page with our schedules.

And believe me – between school, work, overtime, PTA meetings, dance, and gymnastics – we need an organized calendar! A lot of command centers showed whiteboard-style calendars with just one month displayed at a time.

Update: Although I love my paper calendar, we now use the Cozi app to manage our calendar and shopping list electronically. This makes it easy to stay on the same page with my husband. He can quickly check the calendar while at work, which makes this life easier!

That style of the calendar doesn’t work well for me because I like to jump ahead a month or two and make notes pretty often. I also like to write down all of our extended family’s birthdays on the calendar and copy it over from one year to the next.

I opted for a larger calendar so I would have space for more than one entry on each day.

Learn how to make your own functional parent command center!

Mail Slots + Key Holder

The mail slots and key holder set we used is the Daily System from Pottery Barn. They were one of the first things I bought when we purchased our first home almost a decade ago.

Our Daily System mail slots are well-loved, but still in great condition.  I set our mail slot to “file” and “pay”. The idea is I will sort the mail every day and dispose of/shred anything we don’t need. We will see how that goes.

I love the Daily System, but if that is not in your budget, there is a similar (and more affordable) wall organizer on Amazon that is very cute. It even comes with decorate chalkboard labels.

Learn how to make your own functional parent command center!

Shopping List

In the past, I have used a small whiteboard for our shopping list but wanted something a little more decorating for our command center. I decided to use a printable in a simple white frame.

I just write my list with a wet-erase marker and clean it off after I grocery shop. The grocery list printable is from Thirty Handmade Days (just scroll halfway down the post).

I do keep a running shopping list in my Cozi app on my phone, but I like to have a written list at home, too.

Learn how to make your own functional parent command center!

Meal Plan

Taking the same tactic with our meal plan, I found a cute meal planning printable from I Should Be Mopping the Floor and put it in the same white frame.

Learn how to make your own functional parent command center!

Pen & Marker Storage

In order to have everything readily accessible in the same spot, I knew our kitchen command center needed some way to store our pens and wet-erase markers.

I saw this tutorial for hanging jars from Jenna Burger Design and instantly knew it was right for our pen storage. It was also a super cheap solution since I already had the jars on hand and the hardware only cost me $2.

If you don’t have the time or interest in a DIY project, you can find some pretty cute wall-mounted pen holders on Amazon.

Learn how to make your own functional parent command center!

Personalizing Your Command Center

The last thing I added to our command center wasn’t a functional part of our organization station, but I felt it pulled it all together and made it more personal. I took an unfinished wooden letter C and painted it with 2 coats of gold acrylic paint.

It was a super easy project. I could even change the color down the road if I felt like it. I might just change it to teal because I’m not feeling 100% committed to the gold.

Either way, I was glad to personalize our command center in that way.

Learn how to make your own functional parent command center!

Plan Before you Hang

When it was time to hang all of the things for my family command center, it felt a little overwhelming and I wasn’t sure it would all fit.

I decided to start with paper taped on the wall as placeholders for all of the items in our command center. It really helped me get a visual before putting any holes in the wall.

I’m so happy with how our family command center wall turned out. It makes me smile when I walk by and our kitchen counters are so clear. It feels so freeing!

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  1. Your framed grocery list looks so much cuter than pinning up a paper!
    But, how do you access the list easily when it’s inside the pretty frame?

    1. Hi Nancy. We write on the glass with a wet erase marker and then clean it off with glass cleaner or a wet paper towel when we need to start fresh.

  2. This is just what I’m looking to do. But…I need a place for my two kid’s school stuff. Like backpacks, papers they bring home and their lunch bags and coats and shoes…ugh. I just got overwhelmed! Lol

    1. Linda, you can totally do it! Just add some hooks underneath for their backpacks and an extra mail storage slot for each kid. If you want shoe storage, you can put a shoe shelf right underneath or do a basket or even a storage bench. You’ve got this!