My Pre-K Box Review

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Are you looking for a fun and educational subscription box for your preschooler? Keep reading for our full My Pre-K Box review and decide if this is the box for your family. Thank you to My Pre-K Box for sending us a sample box to facilitate this review. This post may contain affiliate links.

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The top cover of the My Pre-K Box.

About My Pre-K Box

My Pre-K Box is a monthly subscription box that includes hands-on activities that teach reading, math, and creativity skills. Each box includes:

  • Theme-based Crafts
  • Sticker Scene
  • Sensory Play
  • 2 or more Reading Activities
  • 2 or more Math Activities
  • Grown-up instructions

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The products that came inside the Space themed My Pre-K Box.

My Pre-K Box Review

We were sent the Space-themed box from My Pre-K Box. I completed the activities in the box with my 4-year-old and 6-year old daughters.

My first impression was excitement over how on-theme the entire box was! I love, love, love unit studies and this space box would fit right in as a preschool unit study.

The inside flap of the My Pre-K Box with a sticker that says "share your photos!".

The paper products were printed on 65 pound card stock. The paper was super nice quality with beautiful colors.

My girls wanted to start with the game, so that’s what we did. We made a simple spinner out of a paperclip and pencil. 

Two little girls leaning over a space-themed board game.

On the other side of the game board was a map of the planets which was also used as another second game board.

The box included two kinds of flashcards. One with the names of the planets and another with rhyming words. 

Two astronaut cards with rhyming words listed on the bottom.

There was a STEM project that my daughter really loved. It was a small rocket she decorated and we then she could put together and blow through a straw to launch it into the air. It was a huge hit!

The next activity we did was creating constellations out of pipe cleaners and beads. This was a really fun activity for all three of us. 

A constellation card next to the constellation built from a pipe cleaner and star-shaped beads.

A little girl holding up a picture of a constellation next to her constellation made out of pipe cleaners and star buttons.

The sensory item included was galaxy slime. It was fun space themed colors and my kids were instantly excited about it. 

A hand holding up a round jar of slime.

I really appreciated the parents guide. It was a try-fold pamphlet with an explanation on how to use all of the items and included pictures, as needed. 

A blue pamphlet that says "The Space Box".

How much does My Pre-K Box Cost?

At the time of publication, the price started at $35.83/month. Sign up for My Pre-K Box here. 

Two girls smiling and holding up a map of the solar system.

Can I share My Pre-K Box with two or more kids?

Yes, but you will want to select the sibling add-on option so there are enough supplies for all of the kids.

Collage photo of my pre-k box and girls playing a board game.

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