Mel Kids Review – STEM Subscription Box

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Are you looking for hands-on STEM projects for your kids? Are you considering a STEM subscription box for your child to add some hands-on learning to their day? Keep reading for our Mel Kids Review – a STEM subscription box for kids ages 5 – 10+. Thank you to Mel Science for sending us a Mel Kids box to facilitate this review. This post contains affiliate links.

Inside the Mel Kid STEM Box

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About Mel Kids

Mel Kids is a subscription box made by the same company that makes the popular chemistry subscription box, Mel Science. Mel Kids is a science based monthly kit that includes a hands-on STEM project plus extended learning through their augmented reality app. Sign up for Mel Kids here.

The cover of the Mel Kids Crystal Screen box.

Mel Science Sale

From now until the end of February 2021, Mel Science is offering the first box free – just pay $0.99 shipping! You can sign up here. This is an awesome way to try it out and see if its the right fit for your family.

Mel Kids Review

I completed the crystal screen box with my three children, ages 8, 6, and 4. We took turns completing the steps with the older two able to build on their own. The 4 year old needed help, but that was to be expected as the Mel Kids are geared to ages 5-10.

A boy building a crystal screen from Mel Kids box.

The boxes contents are hidden from the kids in color-coded pouches. They were only given half of the building materials at a time and couldn’t open them until the characters in the book opened the pouches. This was a great way to keep them engaged. 

A boy and girl working together to build a crystal screen.

The project took us about 45 minutes to complete. I like that it had us explore the crystal screen as it was being built and see how it changed by adding additional items. It really helped my kids grasp why and how they were building the crystal screen and kept them excited about the project. 

A girl looking through a crystal screen.

Comic Book Style Instructions

The comic strip style that tied the story behind the science project and the directions for building the STEM project was a huge hit with all three of my kids. The story was fun and engaging and kept them interested from start to finish. 

The comic book style instructions for the Mel Kids Crystal Screen.

Picture-based instructions for building a crystal screen.

Inside the instructions for building a crystal screen by Mel Science Kids.

The completed project was fun to explore for several days. We left the crystal screen on our kitchen table for the week and all three kids regularly picked it up and explored it. 

Order Mel Kids

Augmented Reality App

The thing that really sets Mel Kids apart is their AR app. With the augmented reality app, kids can get additional science learning via the app that is led by the same characters featured in the comic books.

The token to be scanned in the AR app for Mel Science.

Mystery Planet Map

Included in the box was also a Mystery Planet Map Poster. Each box comes with a sticker to add to the map.

The mystery planet map from Mel Kids.

Can multiple kids share a Mel Kids subscription? 

Yes. We were able to easily complete the STEM project with all there kids taking turns. 

Collage photo of the front of the Mel Kids box and the contents of the box with the words "Mel kids STEM box review" in blue lettering.

How much does Mel Kids cost?

At the time of publication, the Mel Kids subscription box is $34.90 per month USD. Join Mel Kids here.

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