History Unboxed Review

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History Unboxed is an amazing way to get hands-on with history and really connect with what you are learning. History Unboxed is perfect for the homeschool family who wants to do those hands-on projects, but may not have the time to pull together everything needed or wanted for the projects. Thank you to History Unboxed for sending us a sample box to facilitate this review.

A boy and girl sitting at a table with a History Unboxed subscription box in front of them.

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About History Unboxed

History Unboxed sends you hands-on history lessons each month in the form of a subscription box. You can choose from American History, Ancient History, or Middle Ages. You can also pick and choose single boxes that fit the theme of what you are studying. 

For example, we were studying Egypt in our geography study from Around the World with Picture Books. So, I chose the Pharaos Unboxed to review. It fit in perfectly for what we were studying. 

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A pamphlet on decorating a papyrus scroll.

History Unboxed Review

As mentioned, we received the Pharaos Unboxed box. There was SO MUCH included in this box. It included a ton of information about ancient Egypt and highlighted two famous pharaohs. I completed this box with my two oldest kids, ages 8 and 6 (3rd and 1st grade).

It also had of the Egyptian god family tree, which my 8-year-old really got a kick out of exploring. It was a great visual representation that helped bring what were studying to life. 

A boy and girl looking at a post of the Egyptian god family tree.

The projects included in our box were great quality. The sundial was real wood – which impressed me. Many boxes would have sent a project like that using cardstock or cardboard.

A girl designing a sundial.

Having it made from real wood made it even more real for my kids. It also withstood the elements as we forgot about them and they lived through a rainstorm. 

A boy holding up a completed sundial with a thumbs up.

The papyrus scrolls were also great quality. My kids enjoyed painting them and were really proud of their finished projects. 

A boy decorating a papyrus scroll.

Included in the box was also a laminated bookmark with the Egyptian hieroglyphic alphabet on it. A month and half later, and we are still using the bookmarks. They held up well and are such a great memory of the time we studied Egypt. 

We really enjoyed History unboxed. My kids had fun and I love that this box helped me homeschool. As a first-year homeschool mom, I will happily take all of the help I can get!

How much does History Unboxed cost?

At the time of publication, History Unboxed is $54.95 for single boxes. History Unboxed is one of the pricier boxes the market but they also include higher quality materials for their projects and also include basic curriculum and lots of resources for teaching the subject of the box. 

Can History Unboxed be shared between siblings?

Yes, with the sibling add-on. You can share the box, but I would recommend using their sibling add-on option. The boxes all include hands-on projects that. could be shared but would be more engaging if each child could complete their own project. 

Collage photo of two pictures of the Pharaohs unboxed box and the words "history unboxed review" in blue lettering in the center.

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